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A cursed city. A young warrior. A magical journey. 

It’s always night in the city of Iveron. Black clouds smother the sky, and monsters called vexors lurk in the dark, ready to drag away the unwary.


Twelve-year-old Gan dreams of becoming a Lamplighter, one of the young heroes with their flaming spears who light the city’s street lamps and keep the darkness at bay. Gan’s dream comes true—until his lamplighter crew gets ambushed beyond the wall and his beloved brother Brall is carried away by vexors. Gan vows to get him back, but his only remaining companion is Lyona, the ill-tempered daughter of the city’s most notorious miscreant.


Together, they must cross enchanted forests, befriend magical beings, and battle vicious creatures, until they reach the palace of the evil Fairy Empress Nymia, whom the vexors serve. In order to defeat the empress and get Brall back, Gan and Lyona will have to uncover the truth about Iveron’s curse, a mystery that could either save their city, or doom it.


ISBN: 979-8-218-10818-2


I enjoyed every minute of The Lamplighters... It is a perfect middle grade story… fast-paced and will keep you glued to the edge of your seat. 

-    Jacci Turner, Author of The Finding Home Series

In J. Gabriel's The Lamplighters, I found everything I enjoy in middle grade fantasy (or any fantasy)… It kept me reading until late into the night and now I want all my kids to read it too.  
- Jean Knight Pace, author of The Determiner

This middle grade novel was utter captivating and I can’t wait for the young-uns to sink into this one—it was filled with nostalgia, adventure, and a good helping of hope. [Five Stars]  
-    Ellie E, Bookstagram Reviewer @sidetracked95


This book has adventure, mythical creatures, a fun magic system, and is a real page turner... a great middle grade book that gave me Percy Jackson vibes... 10/10 would recommend.
-  Céline Y, Goodreads Reviewer

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