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Four tribes of ruthless demigods rule over luck in our world. To save her mom, Aggie must join them.


A proud nerd and teen scientist, Aggie doesn’t believe in gods or in luck. Her OCD is under control—mostly—and her mom, Rachel, has just finished building a dark matter machine that could win back her job as a physics professor. When Rachel disappears, Aggie sneaks into the casino where her mom has been earning money as a card-counter. Instead of finding her, Aggie is captured by a gang of men with tattoos of clubs on the palms of their hands—the Blackovers. A dangerously beautiful boy, the mercurial Jack Valentine, helps her escape.


Because of a glitch in the dark matter machine, Aggie has been filled with charm, good luck energy, while her mom received bad luck energy and may be forced to become a Blackover. To save her, Aggie must join Jack and his fellow Valentines. She finds herself whisked into their world of opulent mansions, gorgeous people, and fancy cars.


But being a demigoddess isn’t all glamor and popularity. It can be deadly. Aggie must master her newfound luck powers, battle the dark suits, and brave the unlucky underbelly of Detroit, all while keeping her OCD at bay—or risk losing her mom forever.


Girl of Hearts is book 1 of The Luck Gods Series, is a YA contemporary / urban fantasy series featuring royal intrigue, slow-burn romance, and a mind-bending original magic system based on the four card suits: diamonds, clubs, hearts, and spades.

Girl of Hearts - Audible Sample


Gates has created a fresh, magical world where luck is power. The MC Aggie is smart and fiercely determined, and I was eagerly flipping through the pages from the very start. With strong prose, action-packed scenes, and a unique magic system, Girl of Hearts is a must-read!
- Nissa Leder - author, Whims of the Fae series
I'm beyond obsessed with this book and I am already dying for the second one to come out.
-Booktok review: @bookchellereads
Absolutely loved how this book plot played out. It had me on edge the whole way through! ... Definitely recommend reading. (Rating: 5 stars)
-Goodreads Review, Ashley
Wow... I was not expecting to get that sucked into an urban fantasy novel. This is a page turning, slow burning romance with all the action that gods and a demigoddess can bring... a great combination of thrill, action, and romance to satisfy all my literary needs. You will not be disappointed.
-BookTok review: @missie_reads_books
It was so good! ... introduces you to a world of magic and myths and gods but not like any you've heard of before . . . It's going to be huge. It's such a good, dynamic fast paced, fun story with lots of intrigue, twists you don't see coming, and just a lot of fun ... I cannot wait for the next ones to come out!
-BookTok review: @tumblemama8
Amazing book! I literally hated putting it down!!! 10 out of 10 for me!!!
-BookTok review: @lizzeeanne_book_reader
I had so much fun reading this book. So suspenseful and unique. This has to be my favorite YA read this year!
-BookTok review: @herestolookingatyoukid
An absolutely wonderful, amazing story. It has action, drama, an array of wonderful characters with a lot of development... could I put the book down? No. It's an absolute page turner. I want the next book already!
-BookTok review: @_celiney_
Really enjoyed this book! The fmc is likable and the storyline was perfectly paced. Can't wait for the next one in this series! (Rating: 5 stars)
-Goodreads Review, Alexandra

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