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The Thief and the Lucky Boy


A leprechaun thief. A lucky boy. A deadly chase.

Cleo is the best leprechaun thief around. But when she steals a lucky boy from one of the baddest luck traders in Detroit’s peri underground, she knows she’s in for trouble. Sure enough, the one tasked with tracking them down is her ex-boyfriend Varsmith, a goblin as ruthless as he is hot. And he’s pretty damn hot. 

The stolen boy is so full of charm, he must belong to one of the luck gods. There are four clans of them: the Valentines, Diamantes, Blackovers and Morbus—Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs and Spades. If Cleo can keep ahead of Varsmith and find the kid’s rightful parents, the payday will be huge. The question is, can she survive long enough to collect?


The Thief and the Lucky Boy is a perfect introduction to the world of the Luck Gods-- or a great way to continue the adventure. (Chronologically, it falls between book 1 and book 2 in the series, but it contains no spoilers.)

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